Are You Codependent in Your Relationships with Your Adult Narcissistic Children?

Find out if the stress in your relationships with family, friends, or at work is unknowingly caused from an underlying codependent addiction to narcissists or even with your adult narcissistic children.

Many people don’t realize that they were raised in a narcissistic family and that is why narcissistic relationships feel “normal” to them.  They don’t know what is wrong with their lives.  They don’t realize that they have continued to fill their lives with other narcissistic relationships, and this is why, no matter how hard they try, their relationships aren’t working.  It’s because they haven’t known what they’re dealing with.  Sadly enough, people who were raised in narcissistic families are taught to ignore their own feelings and to not set healthy limits and boundaries in their relationships, and therefore, often accidently and unfortunately raise adult narcissistic children.

People often don’t know they were raised with narcissism because sometimes in a narcissistic family, things sometimes seem rather normal.  But…upon closer examination, there are certain “rules” in the narcissistic family:  Parents are right and apologize for nothing; parents don’t spend time teaching kids how to do things and then are shocked when their child makes mistakes.  The child is often given a shocked look or is outright criticized or shamed.  The child wonders, “How could I have not known that?” and vows to never be found inadequate again.  As an adult, this person (male or female) will likely be drawn to narcissistic relationships because trying to please someone who is unappeasable is what is familiar. 

Read more about narcissistic relationships in the new book, You Might Be a Narcissist If… How to Identify Narcissism in Ourselves and Others and What We Can Do About It.   Chapter Two is titled, “Growing Up in a Narcissistic Family”. 

The origins of narcissism are explained in Chapter 3:  The Creation of Narcissism… You might be shocked about what actually creates narcissistic injuries and traits in adult narcissistic children.  Chapter 4 is:  The Struggles of the Adult Child of a Narcissistic Family and includes a discussion of why people who were raised with narcissism are more likely to raise adult narcissistic children. 

Chapters 5and 6 clearly spell out helpful hints you can use to more effectively deal with your relationships with narcissistic relationships with your spouse, your parent or in-law, your friends, other family members, co-workers, your boss or fellow committee members.

This book was written by two psychotherapists and a psychiatrist with decades of both personal and professional experience dealing with narcissism. 

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