Learn How Common Inverted Narcissism Is! 

Inverted narcissism (also called covert narcissism) is actually quite common.  Unfortunately, most books written on the subject of narcissism are about the overt narcissist (the blatant, bragging, obnoxious, haughty person who completely lacks empathy for others).  This type and degree of narcissism is only found in a small percentage of people.  What is much more common is the inverted narcissist.

Our book, You Might Be a Narcissist If: How to Identify Narcissism in Ourselves and Others and What We Can Do about It is mostly about inverted narcissism which is much more common than overt narcissism.

This book was written by two psychotherapists and a psychiatrist with decades of both personal and professional experience dealing with both types of narcissism. 

Narcissistic personality traits are actually quite common—especially inverted narcissistic traits.  Find out if the stress in your relationships is unknowingly caused from the inverted narcissist in yourself or others…
Take the Narcissism Personality Traits Questionnaire in Chapter 3.  You might be surprised to see how common these traits are in yourself and others.  Don’t worry…There is hope!  This book offers dozens of practical solutions for how to deal with both overt and inverted narcissism! 

The origins of narcissistic personality are explained in Chapter Three:  The Creation of Narcissism… You might be shocked about what actually causes narcissistic personality traits in the overt and inverted narcissist.

Chapters 5and 6 clearly spell out helpful hints you can use to more effectively deal with both an inverted narcissist whether it’s your spouse, your parent or in-law, your friends, other family members, co-workers, your boss, fellow committee members, or even in one of your own adult children.

Looking for a book that helps you identify a intvertedt narcissist and the signs of inverted narcissism? Get your copy of You Might Be a Narcissist If:  How to Identify Narcissism in Ourselves and Others and What We Can Do About It today!